Founded in 1912, Bertone is one of the oldest and most prestigious « made in Italy » firms in the sector of automobiles, and has accompanied the automotive industry’s technological and stylistic evolution during the first century of its existence.
From its creation to the 1930s, Bertone aroused the enthusiasm of a demanding public of collectors and gentleman drivers with its « Fuori Serie » cars. Under the guidance of Nuccio, the founder’s son, Bertone entered the 1960s with great success, riding the wave of the Italian economic boom and developing cars that would enter history as a result of highly skilled tailoring and leading edge technology.

Hystory of the brand


The evolution of the automotive sector led to the restructuring of the group. Bertone Design relaunched with the value of the brand, combined with a highly experienced team of professionals under the leadership of Aldo Cingolani, carrying out projects like the « Frecciarossa 1000 » for Trenitalia (2013), « Project Zero » in collaboration with Agusta Westland, and the new exhibition spaces of the Graniti Fiandre Group (2014).

Aldo Cingolani

Born in Milan on March 7th in 1961, Aldo Cingolani graduated from the Faculty of Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. In 1995 he joined the Group Giugiaro, as director of the Giugiaro Design headquarters in Milan, taking care of the business development strategies in marketing and communication.

After two years he takes on the position of Commercial Director of Giugiaro Design SpA while maintaining the managerial control of the Milan headquarters. At the same time he deals with the development in the field of Architecture.

As General Director of Giugiaro Design from 1999 to 2003, he coordinates all divisions of the company: from architecture to product design, from graphic design to Transport design. Since 2003 he became the Managing Director of Giugiaro Architettura, personally contributing to the birth of the company. Over the years he has established a permanent consultancy for the Politecnico of Milan and Turin, the Tianjin University, the University of Design in Budapest, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Faculty of Communication of the University of Turin and for the master degree of Publitalia in Marketing and Corporate Communication. Speaker at numerous conferences and international seminars over the past three years, he has devoted special attention to issues of sustainable architecture and environmental protection.