Felix Project – Carlo Cracco’s Restaurant


Carlo Cracco's Restaurant

Felix Project

Elegance, creativity and high attention to details. These are the patterns  that have always characterized the Cracco’s brand, who was committed to the ambitious project of building a new luxury restaurant in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. The attention to details is maximum, from the interior design, to lighting, up to the furnishings; the special eclectic style, planned to the very smallest detail, will make this restaurant a gastronomic reference point for the Milanese excellence and for tourists looking for the top in town.

A place where design links to food, a location where the architects have been able to bring quality and value, making it an inevitable stop for a drink, a coffee or a fine dinner made of genuine and selected products.

Besides the bar and restaurant, the strengths of the place will also be a multifunctional space available for private events, exhibitions, and live music gigs. The restoration and refurbishment of the venue is translated into a project with a high level of aesthetic character and quality.